ArcVenture Online – The Romans Chapter One Launches!

The PC version of ArcVenture Online – The Romans Chapter One is ready to play. It’s been four years since the first prototyping phases of the new series which gradually evolved into the game. This is just the first chapter, two more are planned for the Romans before we move on to the Egyptians. I would like to extend a massive thank you to all the Patreon supporters who contributed with financial and moral support and for that, this release has been made available for all Patreons to download free (if you are a Patreon and didn’t get the email please shout).

The current release is the PC version (please check requirements), mobile and Quest versions to come soon.

Please feel free to give me a shout if you have any problems or suggestions as the series will continue to develop. If you like the new series, please tell all your friends, acquaintances or just strangers on the internet as the more downloads we can sell, the better we can make the next chapters.

To get your copy of the new ArcVenture, (don’t forget the Teacher/Parent’s guide and the Player’s Guide) go to: .

Have Fun!