ArcVenture Ready to Launch on the Google Play Store

So the time has arrived to start jumping through the hoops that Google sets out to get ArcVenture into the Play store. The Android tablet and phone version is now ready and in review at Google awaiting confirmation. This can take several days or weeks depending on any issues that are raised but with fingers crossed and a trailing wind we may see ArcVenture mobile available before the Christmas break. If you are one of our Patreons, you will receive a token to download a free copy of the Android app as we did with the Windows version.

Unfortunately due to the number (and height) of barriers that Apple put in the way of small indie developers, both technical and financial, there will not be an iOS version of ArcVenture Online. Some of the extra activities in the Player’s Guide can be run on iOS but even they have WebXR modes that Apple refuses to support so, until they catch up with the rest of the world we will have to stick with only supporting Windows and Android (including Quest).

The quest version will be available in the new year but I want to do some more work on movement in game options before that is released. It will probably be available first in the AppLab but we’ll let you know as soon as that is available. A virtual reality environment is definitely the best way to experience ArcVenture – you may be surprised to know that you can already run the Windows version of ArcVenture in VR using a PCVR virtual desktop.

Download your Windows copy of ArcVenture Online – The Romans Chapter One from our Download Page.