ArcVenture on a Quest

The beta version for Android is just about there and will be made available for testing soon. So the next Quest is … a Quest version. I suspect that it will probably need a Quest 2 but we’ll have a go at getting ArcVenture going on a Quest 1. Of course as I am writing this there is the possibility of an announcement about the Quest 3 so we will have to see how we go with that but it will be very good to get a version running well on the target Quest 2. Most of the background work is done done already as I was testing with the Quest as I went along and designed the user interactions to be suitable for VR. The main bit of work will be the menu screens as these need to be treated differently in VR but there is already some work done on that.

Of course if we have a working Quest version then PCVR is pretty much done too so that will be ready at the same time. We are aiming to have a release date around September this year so there are just a couple of months of fixing and testing before we need to get the whole project available to the public and schools. We will be opening up the PC and Android betas to interested people who are not Patreons next month so if you are interested in giving ArcVenture a bash before it is on general release, give me a shout and I’ll send you details as soon as the beta is available. You can contact me at [email protected].