History in VR and AR

One of the main things that I wanted to incorporate into the new development of ArcVenture was to explore the possibilities of new ways of presenting interactive media such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Now the first chapter is at the stage of being a functional program in VR with just a few things on the list to cover before making it available as a beta test. I am thinking that it will now be possible to make all three platforms: Windows desktop, Android mobile and PCVR/Quest VR available for beta testing sometime in July. This will mean that there should be enough time to test and prepare for a first chapter launch in September.

I will update on how that launch will happen (I have no idea yet) but I would like to make ArcVenture available free to schools with perhaps a voluntary donation which will go towards the ongoing development of the next chapters. I am planning several AR resources that will go with this launch that should be very interesting for schools that have android tablets (and maybe even iPads – we’ll see). There is also an online app component that will provide extra information about the archeology and finds covered in the game.