ArcVenture Going Mobile

While the Windows beta test is ongoing I have turned my attention to the next platform that ArcVenture will be made available on, the Android mobile. I have settled on a base spec of a tablet running Android 9 with 4GB of Ram. My test device of choice in this case is a T30 Teclast which can still be bought new for around £170 although it is 3+ years old now and there are probably better models now for less. There will be options in the program to increase or decrease quality settings to make the game run smoothly on lower capability tablets.

The mobile user interface is different to the windows version as there are on-screen movement controls and the player can interact with an object or person by tapping on them rather than selecting with the cursor. The mobile beta version is now playable and nearly ready to make available. If you would like to test the mobile version, please contact me at and I will let you know when we are ready to start the open tests.


Next platform we tackle will be the Quest VR version – and it’s nearly there already!