ArcVenture Getting Unreal

Even though ArcVenture is very definitely an educational product, it was always my aim to make it as close to contemporary games quality as was possible in the time and budget and I do think that was a major factor in it’s success in the early days. In the last few months I have been looking at how I can bring ArcVenture at least into the same sort of ballpark as games being released at the moment. With that in mind I have been re-working assets and ideas in the Unreal Engine system which can in my view provide some very high quality output whilst still supporting a wide range of platforms, both desktop and mobile.

My re-working of the finds tent will provide a better and more detailed view of a real life dig site and the technologies which are now used while allowing the player to explore more freely in an open ‘discovery’ format. In the next few weeks I will be putting together a small demonstration to explore the player experience using the Unreal Engine technologies.



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