Alpha Testing

We have now reached the stage where all the content planned for the first module of ArcVenture Online – The Romans is in the program. Now starts the alpha phase of testing. This is to get rid of as many obvious bugs as possible and tweak elements that need a bit more polish before the program is presented for beta testing. The beta test is for content evaluation and generating ideas around additional materials or fixing up the game flow if it is not easy to follow by the naive user.

There have been quite a few new items put in during the last month to “fill in the gaps” including a new mini-game to complete a damaged mosaic, voiceover for all the characters including some extra narration for Arc1 and timeline animations to take the player from modern times back through time to the Roman Villa in Roman times. More content usually comes with more bugs and the first pass of the alpha testing has thrown up quite a list of things to fix.

Once this stage is finished I will be making the program available for beta testing. The beta phase will be conducted on the Windows platform only although once that is stable, we will continue on to the VR and mobile platforms. The beta test will be available to all Patreons and selectively for people who can contribute to the process. If you are a primary school teacher and teach the Romans we would really like to hear from you, especially if you would be willing to try the program out on a class of 7-11 year olds. If you would like to participate in the beta phase, you can contact me at: .