Another Archaeologist and Online Resources

I wanted to add some more resources and information about how archaeology actually happens and what is involved in discovering the secrets of ancient civilisations, and to a further that aim I have added a new archeologist and a computer terminal to the dig site. Ash, the new archaeologist will talk about the types of tools used to excavate the layers of soil and also why some layers are different colours. The new computer terminal in the Finds Tent will have extra information about the dig site and also information about each of the finds which the players have investigated. When they return from Roman times, they will be able to see more details about the unknown objects and access a certificate to say that they have completed the episode. These pages will also be available online when they are not playing the game for use in projects and write-ups.

There is still a fair amount of work to do on this first episode (the details always take longer than you think) but we should be in a position to make a beta test version available early in 2023. We will be opening up this opportunity to download a review copy for the Windows platform to our Patreons – if you would like to be part of this beta review, details can be found about how to become a Patreon at:

Other versions such as mobile and VR will be available after this beta review has been done but we would like to spend some time getting feedback on the content before continuing work on alternative platforms.

2022 has been quite a productive year for the ArcVenture project, I am looking forward to 2023 bringing the first release of the new ArcVenture series and with that in mind I would like to wish you all a very peaceful festive season and New Year.