Building Spaces

Although some time has passed since the last update, lots has been going on in the development area. Lots of 3D models and scripts to handle locations, mobile app investigations and ideas for supplementary materials. Although I will probably continue with Unity development (as I now have a dev licence for MergeVR which is a really interesting Augmented Reality system), I have found another development environment called Coppercube that will enable a more rapid development of a prototype which I have successfully run on several mobile devices.

Unfortunately my applications for grant funding have not come to fruition so I will be on the look out for sponsorship type funding along with individual donations (thank you 🙂 ). I shall be continuing with the prototype system for demonstration purposes to prospective sponsors.

I have also been looking into development of a supplemental mobile app which will provide information about dig sites and heritage features in a local area based on the geo-location of the mobile device but that’s for another blog post.

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