Bancroft Roman Villa Milton Keynes

Visit to Bancroft

The New Year is here and the ArcVenture Online project moves on. If you have been following progress, you may have noticed a focus on the location of the Bancroft Roman Villa emerging. It is my intention to make Bancroft the theme of the first of the new series of ArcVenture. Bancroft is situated in Milton Keynes and was the site of an excavation during the 1980’s. Several periods of habitation were found ending in the early 4th century when it was the location of a grand Roman villa.



I have been in contact with the local heritage organisations and also the lead archaeologist, Bob Zeepvat who have provided me with a great deal of information about the site. One reason why it is ideal for ArcVenture is that the site can be visited free as it is in a park area and just down the road is the Milton Keynes Museum which is ideal for school trips. I did a quick tour around the site and met with the Director of the Museum.

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