The Prototype Phase

The paperwork is all through and so the work can begin in earnest. Thinking back to the very first ArcVenture, the programme was designed and built in just over three months, however in those days, the graphics were minimal (you couldn’t fit that much on a floppy disc) and the associated coding was quite basic (BBC Basic :)).

This time around the size of just the first project will be much, much bigger and so to make sure that much effort is not put into development of the wrong things a prototype must be designed to allow those involved in the project to see the concept of how the final production might be.

A prototype will also provide a demonstration piece for raising funds for the project as I will not be able to create the whole programme myself. Looking through the project team list from the last ArcVenture project, in excess of 25 people were involved in various ways.

Currently I am thinking that the programme will be built in Blender which not only has a good 3D development environment, but a cross platform game engine and a thriving community from which I hope I can draw a lot of experience.


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