Stepping Stones for VR Comfort

We are getting close to having a Quest version of ArcVenture Online, The Romans Chapter One ready. I wanted to add in a better locomotion system for VR users who have difficulty with smooth movement while playing VR games. I also wanted to make it dead easy to use and optional so you can choose how you move without having to set up anything in the menus.


VR users will be able to point at the ground with the controller and glowing stepping stones will appear in suitable locations for movement. Selecting a stepping stone will transport the user straight to that location without needing to use the controller joystick. They will still be able to move anywhere smoothly by pushing the joystick forward but if this makes them feel a bit queazy as some VR movements can, they have the option to use the stepping stones which will always be available in VR from the next version.



We should soon be able to get a release into the App Lab for Meta Quest and there are also some other developments in the wings for ArcVenture – watch this space for updates!