ArcVenture Beta Testing

Thank you for being part of our beta testing phase. This is the first chapter of three planned Romans chapters so although this one has lots of discoveries and information to find, there will be two more to complete the Roman ArcVenture Online experience. We are hoping that the program can be completed by players in 20-30 minutes and would be done in one session but could be re-played to discover information previously missed. The target age-group is 7-14 year olds.

This test phase is only for PC Windows computers. Please check the following computer specifications to make sure that your test machine is suitable. You can check by looking at the System -> About section in Settings from the Windows menu. Most desktop computers less than 8 or so years old should be suitable. Many laptops will also be suitable but they vary in capability so much that it is hard to determine suitability without trying the game.

ArcVenture Online uses the Unreal 5 Game Engine so the following minimum requirements are needed:

Windows 10 or 11 (64 bit)

Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster processor


DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card with up-to-date drivers

You can download the latest installer from here – it is quite large (3GB) so may take a little while depending on your internet connection. When downloaded, double click on the installer to start the setup. You may get a message saying that the installer is unrecognised but that’s just because we haven’t paid Microsoft hush money 🙂 – just hit ‘More info’ and run anyway. It will probably take a minute or so to get started because of the size of the file so be patient. The installer is very much like most other program installers so just follow the instructions. At the end it will ask if you want to install the UE4 prerequisites. If you don’t have them already then they will need to be installed but if the installer is asking to ‘Modify’ the files then you are good to go and don’t need to do that step – you can then close the installer and the ArcVenture Online program will be installed and ready to run. Either click the ArcVenture icon in the Windows program list or if you created a shortcut on the Desktop, you can double click on that to launch the program.

There is also a companion App which has extra tips such as a Teacher/Parent guide to the game and is also used for an out-of-game reference to all the discoveries you make in the game. Access the app here. It is compatible with all computers and mobile devices so you can follow instructions on a mobile device while playing the game.

If you have problems running the game or notice bugs, incorrect information or just have a suggestion that would make the game better, there is a comments section in the app or you can use the page here. We welcome any feedback with the aim of making ArcVenture a fun and educational resource.